Sunday, 11 May 2014

Reviewed Statement

The main piece in this project is a bicycle frame made to fundraise for, and promote the cycling charity Sustrans. I chose to recycle wood from the Brighton sea defenses to create the bike frame because Brighton’s most popular Sustrans route runs along the seafront, parallel to the sea defenses. The design incorporates recycled bike components to create a functioning bike.

The second piece in the project is a bike trailer made from ash which was sourced from a tree with ash dieback. To make the trailer I have combined the steam bent ash frame, and basket woven from witch elm bark, with the wheels, axle and hitch made by CarryFreedom. The end product is a sturdy and practical trailer with a detachable basket suitable for everyday use.   

Working with reclaimed materials is crucial to the theme of sustainability in the project and also shows the potential for wooden bikes to be produced more cost effectively. These designs celebrate the unique properties and versatility of wood which are often overlooked in favour of more modern and less sustainable materials such as; aluminium and carbon fibre.

To conclude the project, I will be fundraising for Sustrans by undertaking a cycle ride from… to… using the wooden bike and trailer. 

I have left blank exactly where i will be cycling from but i was thinking of doing an extended London to Brighton ride around the Kent coastline via Dover. It seems appropriate to have Brighton as the destination for the ride, both practically and for the story line of the project.

This is not as ambitious a ride as i was originally planning but i think i also have to be realistic about what the bike (and me) is able to achieve.

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