Friday, 28 February 2014

Bike Trailer Mark 2

This is the progress of my second prototype trailer, to make it i am using steambent ash laminated together using a Bio-Epoxy resin, the same way that i will be laminating the bike frame. Although this technique has worked well, the frame will have to be re-made to ensure that there are no gaps between the layers so it is both stronger and more aesthitically pleasing.

This is the main frame of the trailer;

To create this curve i have used 4 layers of 5mm ash laminated together. To keep the trailer waterproof, the whole trailer will have several coats of the bio epoxy resin which will also serve to protect the trailer from knocks and scrapes. The cross bar is there to hold the axle in place securely.
This is the arm of the trailer which will be bolted to the side of the frame and attach to the bike axle via the hitch from CarryFreedom.
This curve is in the arm to avoid the back wheel of the bike rubbing against the arm, especially when turning tight corners. Creating this free standing curve (as opposed to the frame where it is attached back to itself anf is therefore self supporting) was difficult because when force is applied to the curve the layers start to come apart. For my second atempt at creating the arm i will but bolts through the curve clamping the layers together and stopping them from coming apart.


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