Wednesday, 5 February 2014


Sustrans are a leading charity focusing on sustainable transport. They work with communities, policy makers and partner organisations to allow people to choose cheaper, healthier and cleaner journeys.

Their main project is the National Cycle Network, a series of paths spanning 14,000 miles across the UK allowing people to travel in safety and comfort. their aim is that these paths become not only the most sustainable option but also the most convenient and enjoyable one.

I worked as a fundraiser for Sustrans over the summer 2013, and as a keen cyclist i strongly agreed with the work that they do. However taking to people about the charity only a few had heard of the name Sustrans although most were familiar with the NCN (National Cycle Network), and this prompted me to start this project promoting cycling with a specific focus on Sustrans.

To visit the Sustrans website and learn more about the good work they are doing click this link;

Below is a map of all the Sustrans routes, purple representing on road routes (small roads or cycle paths on road) and green representing cycle paths.

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