Monday, 3 February 2014


In this project I am going to work in partnership with the cycling charity Sustrans and am going to make a series of cycling related objects (including a bike frame) out of recycled wood in order to promote the charity. I plan on using wood throughout the project in situations where it may not be the obvious choice of material to show the versatile qualities it possesses, including strength and flexibility but also sustainability. This will be a key aspect in the project, working with sustainable materials where possible as well as low impact processes. Sustainability will also be a key outcome in the fact that I am making and promoting the most popular form of ‘sustainable transport’ which is what Sustrans stands for.
 As well as there being a strong link to cycling through the relationship with Sustrans, I want the objects themselves to encourage cycling in their own right. Once the bike and series of other objects are finished, I plan to use them to raise support and awareness of Sustrans so it is important that the objects function well together to make a practical series of objects.

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