Friday, 28 February 2014

CarryFreedom Trailer

To create my mark 2 trailer i have decided to source parts from CarryFreedom who make arguably the best bike trailers around. Although i will create the frame, arm and basket for the trailer, i have sourced the wheels and axle which have a simple quick release mechanism to remove the wheels. I have also sourced their bike hitch which attaches the arm of the trailer to the axle of the bike.

These are the wheels and two halves of the axle i will be using. The axle will be put together by slotting a piece of 2.5mm square tubing inside both halves of the axle and then it will be bolted to the frame of the trailer.


This is the hitch, the red part is made from a strong but flexible plastic to allow for movement between the bike and trailer and the metal part is screwed to the outside of the axle. the trailer can be easily connected and removed using this pin.

These parts have been designed and made after much planning, research and testing and so for me to make these parts, i am not going to be able to achieve this level of quality which is why i have chosen to source them from CarryFreedom

This is an image of the CarryFreedom Y-Frame trailer. To visit the CarryFreedom website, click on this link;

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