Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Renovo bikes

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Renovo Tourer
  • The Renovo Signature Smooth Ride, nothing else comes close. 
  • Lightweight, brute strong.
  • Stiffest and most durable frame of any.
  • Made of hickory, an axe-handle-tough wood easily repaired without special equipment anywhere in the world
Renovo are a Oregon based company that hand craft hardwood bike frames, and are probably the best in the world. 

The Renovo frame is monocoque, composed of two halves bonded together side-to-side along the long axis of the bicycle. Each frame half consists of four pieces, precision jointed with the strongest and most reliable of joints, the finger joint, then bonded with oven-cured, high temperature epoxy.

Renovo Hoodoo Triathlon

Kona qualifier Tim Winestorfer of Vancouver, Washington rode our prototype Hoodoo in the World Triathlon Championship in Kona, Hawaii, October 9th, 2010.

This is impressive for a wooden bike, however my aims are much more modest than this. Renovo have years of experience making and testing their wooden bikes using the finest materials, equipment and technology, whereas for me, my bike will be more of a prototype, using recycled wood, limited testing and very little technology.

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