Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Ligneus bikes

Ligneus bikes, otherwise known as Nick started a project to make a laminated wooden bike based closely on Renovo design. This project was especially useful to me because of Nicks relative lack of equipment, experience of making etc making it more similar to my project.

I emailed Nick for some information/ advice on the project, here are some of the most useful points;

 I ride mine all the way through the winter. In fact I sold my other bike so that is my only bike at the moment..... until I build the next one!

I genuinely have little woodworking experience but am an engineer by profession so its kind of my job to understand joints and stresses!

I worked out that I spent around 100-120 hours on it....excluding procrastination time! 

I'd recommend making a very basic jig to make sure you get the drop out spacing correct and make sure the stays are straight. 

I will use some different techniques to Nick, but generally the techniques will be the same, the only difference being the high quality wood he has used. Even so, it is reassuring to know that he made a fully functioning bike with little experience. 

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  1. Hello,
    Perfect! This is really beautiful frame!
    >But, I wanna know how you fix bottom bracket shell?<